Sunday, 24 February 2019

2019 Love Our Dogs Charity Calendar - acknowledgement and receipts from beneficiary organisations

The beneficiary organisations have all received the donations gathered and raised from the 2019 project as shown below. Hope more doggies will benefit from them.

I can now relax and have a beer! :) Thanks for all the kind support again.

Friday, 15 February 2019

2019- LOVE OUR DOGS Charity Calendar Project - REPORT

To all sponsors and supporters of this project, I am pleased to report results of the 2019 project that a total of HK$215,950 was raised. This amount will be ALL donated to HKDR, SAA, SPCA and TNR Fund. Details of this project as shown below.

THANK YOU to the "PAWrents" of the featured dogs per month for their sponsorship and their time and patience in bringing their dogs for photo shoot with me. (Not east for you guys to wake up early in weekend for sure :) ) and your kindness in supporting this little charity project of mine for years. Seeing your dogs and mine grow old and some passing away (and now in Rainbow Bridge watching over us) is a bittersweet experience but surely worth-the-while.

Thank you again to Simon of Acumen Papers for sponsoring such nice quality paper for printing these calendars and to all the retail sponsors including Whiskas & Paws, MegaPets, Valley Vet, Veterinary Specialty Hospital, Ztore, Green Common, Classified, Gift Love, Brown's Tailor, Megan's Kitchen, Club String and Popular Books for letting the Calendars reached out to more people who love these four-legged friends. 

I hope all of you will continue to support meaning charitable projects in addition to this little one of mine.

Wishing you all and your paw-paw family members a very happy and healthy Year of the Pig.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

2019 LOVE OUR DOGS Charity Calendar

I am glad to inform you all that the 2019 LOVE OUR DOGS Charity Calendar (my 11th project) will be ready for delivery end of this month! Please order your copy or get one from Whiskers & Paws, MegaPets, Popular Books, Classified Food, Veterinary Specialty Hospital, Green Common, Ztore,, Valley Vet Centre, Megan's Kitchen, JJ Hotel and Club String soon!

Thanks to Acumen Paper for sponsoring the paper for the calendars again and thanks to Idol Printing for arranging the printing job for me all these years! And of course, my good friends for bringing your four-legged friends to my studio for photo-shoot! Hope all of your "senior citizens" doggies buddies will stay healthy and happy! And most of all, hope the proceeds of this calendar project (which will go to HKDR, SAA, SPCA and TNR) will help the animals in need.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

2018 Calendar - Acknowledgement Letters and Receipt from Beneficiary Organisations

Wishing supporters of this charity project a happy Spring! It's time to bring your dogs to roam around the parks!

Below are the acknowledgement letters and receipt from the beneficiary organisations for your reference. Will post again when I start preparing for the 11th project - the 2019 Calendar!!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

2018 Love Our Dogs Charity Calendar - REPORT

In loving memory of Toby, an amazing Golden Retriever of my good friend and a childhood friend of my dog Bilu. 

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

I am glad to report that the sales proceeds that are raised for donations from my 10th anniversary project is an all-time-high amount - HK$224,285, detailed breakdown as shown below,

A big thank you to the owners of the featured dogs per month for their big sponsorship and their patience (for attending photo shoot with their dogs) and kindness in supporting this charity project for years, with me and any buyer of this calendar watching some of the dogs grow old together!

Thank you to Simon of Acumen Papers for sponsoring such nice quality paper for printing these calendars.

Thank you to all the retail sponsors. Without your support, these calendars will not be able to be reached by people beyond my small friends group and donations amount will be not grown.

In this ever changing world, there are tons of charity organisations waiting for us to support. It's never easy asking people to support charities for animals and I am glad I have you all to support this little initiative of mine.

Wishing you all and your pet family members a very happy YEAR of the DOG.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Love Our Dogs Charity Calendar 2018

The 2018 Love Our Dogs Charity Calendars are released now!! This is my 10th anniversary project and a few dogs appearing in this calendar have been featured consecutively since 10 years ago!

Thanks again to the twelve months sponsors bringing their gorgeous four-legs friends to photo-shoots, Acumen Paper( for sponsoring the papers, the corporate sponsors who help me sell these calendars in their retail outlets and all friends buying a copy of this calendar.

Same as the past 9 years, only printing/delivery costs will be deducted from the gross proceeds and all the net proceeds will be donated to HKDR, SAA, SPCA, TNR as well as HK Paws Guardian.

These calendars are available for purchase at Popular Books, Megan's Kitchen (, Club String (, JJ Hotel (, Green Common (, Classified (, Whiskers n Paws (, Mega Pets (,, Veterinary Specialty Hospital ( and Valley Veterinary Centre ( 

Kindly support this project by buying a calendar and put in your desk so that the each month's featured doggies will bring sunshine to each of your days in 2018, and at the same time, help the animals in need via the above beneficiary organisations.